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Each invention comes from a problem experienced by a person. That said, the process of moving from invention to commercial success, there is a long way to go. This requires dedication, time and investment. Is the game worth it? Certainly because there is nothing more rewarding to have satisfied and happy customers using your product. To learn more about the inventor and RAKABOT, watch the video here.

About the inventor

Sébastien Lassonde, graduated in electrical engineering in 1998 at École de Technologie Supérieure, is the Canadian inventor of the patented RAKABOT shelf, the only footwear storage solution thought for snowy and rainy weather.

Dad 6x, husband and serial entrepreneur at heart. My whole life is about bringing to the market exciting and innovative products that solve real life problems. He is also co-founder of TEKINNO CORPORATION, a Canadian hi-tech company that manufactures rugged display and control systems for the aircraft refueling and tanker transportation industries sold around the globe for the last ten years.

Talented in defining and converting needs into a final product that will be bought. My passions are my family, entrepreneurship, business development and strategy. I’m also humble, good communicator and the most persistent entrepreneur you will ever know.

I’m a motivated team player who believes that combined ideas create exponential results I care about what other people have to say and think. I believe and apply lead by example principle both in my personal and professional life.

Created and funded my first start-up at age 26. It was a rich and handy experience that helped me get a 360 degrees view of all the parts involved into start-up creation. I learned what to do but mostly NOT what to do.

I’m also thankful to my wife, my kids, friends and mentors that provide me love, insights and support on this challenging path.

• Official inventor of the patented Rakabot shelf in August 2017.
• Racicot invention wins the regional OSE Entreprendre contest for the category Technical innovation May 2018.
• Pitching Rakabot at Dragons Den Toronto, April 2017.
• Rakabot on air at Dragons Den Toronto, January 25th, 2018.
• Won first season Oeil du Dragon (french Dragons Den) FORD Innovation challenge prize in 2012.
• Engineering NORTEL Award in the category “INNOVATIVE DESIGN” CQI 1998.
• Engineering NORTEL Award in the category “INNOVATIVE DESIGN” CQI 1996.
• Award of Excellence awarded by the COFIQ the Quebec Engineering Competition 1996.
• Award of Excellence awarded by ABB Canada for the design in electrical engineering at the Canadian Engineering Competition 1996.
• Grant for academic result and extracurricular involvement awarded by Meloche Monnex and ADÉTS (1996 and 1998).
• Member of the fastest human powered submarines OMER 2 and 3 teams.


Customers testimonials (french).

An innovative storage solution for winter boots.

It was no better than a Canadian to find the solution to this problem of melted snow. Rakabot is useful for all Nordic countries in the world.


Rakabot is offered at Hamster.ca, Garde-Robes Gagnon and Info-Peinture.

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