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About Rakabot

Founded in 2017, Rakabot is the North American leader in innovative storage solutions for wet and dirty boots and shoes.

Winner of 4 awards at Les Grands Prix du Design 2021 international competition. # 1 in plastic storage solutions on Amazon. 5 star Google review. Over 325 commercial installations to date. Our patented technology keeps its promises to take care of your visitors on arrival and departure, reduce cleaning time, protect your floors and prevent accidents.

Whether you are a health clinic, a training center, an amusement center, a professional office, a financial institution or any other field, our promise is to solve the problem once and for all, in a sustainable and ecological way. wet and dirty boots in the hallway.

About the invention

What did you want to become when you were 10 years old?

For my part, I said “One day I will create useful products for society.” That simple sentence then defined each of my choices so far.

I completed my technical in electronics and then obtained my engineering degree in electronics. I was part of the OMER submarine team, the fastest in the world. I also won 1st place in the Quebec Engineering Competition (CQI) twice and 3rd place in the Canadian Engineering Competition (CCI) in innovative design. My passion: to develop practical and unique products.

In 2015, when I was working in a robotics company, every winter morning there was an arc of boots on the floor. Gorgeous desks and a horrible entrance, I thought “I can’t believe no one has thought of that”. I then wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Thanks to my beautiful big family, everywhere I went, dance lessons, dentist, kung fu and swimming pool, always the same problem. I tell my partner about it; he invites me to look at the opportunity to make it a serious project. In 2017, I founded Rakabot, part of an idea and the construction of a plywood prototype for fun, to an innovation patented in 5 countries around the world.

Today, after many challenges met, two crowdfunding campaigns, a Dragon Dens pitch, the support of my business partners, manufacturing challenges, Rakabot now offers a complete range of innovative storage solutions based on Rakabot technology and which has a positive impact in all areas of life. I invented this boot rack for you: families, office owners, employees and anyone who gets tired of wet and dirty floors in the winter. Behind this product, there is a company that cares about your daily well-being and the future of the planet.


Customers testimonials (french).

An innovative storage solution for winter boots.

It was no better than a Canadian to find the solution to this problem of melted snow. Rakabot is useful for all Nordic countries in the world.


Rakabot is offered at Hamster.ca, Garde-Robes Gagnon and Info-Peinture.

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